Spring is always a time for rejuvenation for your skin! It’s that time to get rid of that dull winter skin and prep your skin for spring and all the sunny days to come! Here are some things you can do to get your skin ready for spring.

Change your routine

Now is the time to change up your skincare routine! Boost your normal routine with a bit of extra TLC and use natural products. Natural products consist of ingredients naturally found around Earth that generally do well for your skin. For example, you can find the purest, natural products online from the Blue Lagoon skincare American shop. The Blue Lagoon (a famous geothermal pool in Iceland) products are great staples for your routine because they are rooted in such natural, volcanic ingredients and will give your skin a healthy and natural boost rather than stripping it with chemicals and harsh ingredients. You’ll be able to revive your winter skin and also feel good about the products that you’re putting onto your skin and absorbing into your body.

How to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring

Give your skin what it needs

Your skin will likely need different things than it needed during the winter. So whether it be moisture, oil balancing, or perhaps a bit more exfoliation, adapt your skincare routine to meet where your skin is now. Try to buy a product that gives you great skin all year round. Do some research into the deals available to you, such as using a Dermal Repair Complex coupon code to try out those products, to see what suits your skin. Spring can be a season of back and forth with the weather and what your skin is exposed to, so pay extra mind to what your skin is showing you it needs and stay consistent with tuning in and adjusting from there. For example, even if you are used to a specific wash care routine daily, perhaps you may need a deeper cleanse in the morning as opposed to the gentle hydrating one you were using in the winter.

Exfoliation is key 

Exfoliation is critical to remove the dead skin cells and buildup on your skin. When you exfoliate it reveals the fresh skin underneath and leaves you with much softer and glowing skin! Just beware of the harsh exfoliants that are available on the market and go for a gentle product that you can use consistently. While everyone’s skin is different, it is typically recommended to exfoliate 1-2x/week.

How to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring routine


SPF is a must year-round, but especially if your skin did not see as much sun during the winter and is getting more exposure in the spring, now is the time to boost your sunscreen application. Even if your makeup has SPF in it, you still need a dedicated SPF as well for your first application. You can layer in with a tinted sunscreen for an SPF layer and light coverage if you wish to forgo the makeup but want a little skin evening!

Remember that sunscreen is to be applied at the very least to your face, neck, chest and hands! Many people only apply it to their face but these other highly exposed areas can also gain and show sun damage if not properly taken care of.

Changing your skincare routine from winter to summer is essential so that you can give your skin what it wants and keep it balanced. You probably don’t need quite as heavy of a moisturizer or finishing oil, but you still want to keep it moisturized and happy!



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