Clear Face Masks: Help Others Understand You Better

With the Coronavirus pandemic at its peak, it becomes evident that face masks are not going anytime sooner. In most countries, wearing these masks in public places is mandatory. If you are not wearing them, you could have to pay a hefty amount of money as a fine for your carelessness.

Face masks have become an inseparable part of our daily life. But they are also giving birth to a number of verbal communication problems. Many of you must have noticed the muffled conversation you are having with one another with their use. They tend to misinterpret the whole meaning of the conversation. They are leaving you with minimal information, which could be an essential discussion. Additionally, it has been found that the use of a face mask excessively lowers the speaker’s volume up to 10 decibels, making it very difficult for the person to be heard.

This problem can be quickly dealt with, but what are you going to do when trying to communicate with someone with a hearing loss? As expected, a person who could not hear will not understand a single word you have to say. When your mouth is completely covered with a face mask, they can’t see your lips move, which takes their ability to understand you. Moreover, they only hope to understand you when they see your lips move.

Clear Face Masks Help Understand You Better

In this article, you’ll learn simple yet effective ways to communicate with your peers even when you are wearing a face mask. First, you need to know:

What Are Clear Masks and How Can They Help Those Who Are at a Loss of Hearing?

Manufacturers worldwide have built a particular type of mask to deal with this problem, known as clear face mask. These masks are just like any other standard mask. The only remarkable thing about them is that they are created with transparent materials. So even if a person who is at the loss of hearing is talking to you, they can understand you. As they are now capable of seeing your lips move.

Plus, it helps them to make a perfect sense of what you are trying to convey. As mentioned earlier, these types of masks have proven to be incredibly beneficial for those who can’t hear because they are at a loss of hearing.

Choosing the Right Clear Face Mask for You

How do you know what type of clear mask is right for you? Here are a few things that you need to consider while making this decision. First, look for masks with materials that don’t fog up when you breathe or speak, as it will again obstruct the view of your face and lips. However, if you can’t escape it, make sure you clean it by rubbing a thin layer of shaving cream or dishwashing detergent, then cleaning it up with a paper towel. It will again make it crystal clear while letting the person in front of you see your facial expressions.

Second, notice how the face mask fits behind your ears. It should create no discomfort around your ears, as you may have to wear it for long periods of time. Also, you can find a mask with an adjustable feature. With its assistance, you can tighten or lose the face mask according to your requirements. Although this does not have to do anything with your facial expressions, it still helps you communicate better with those around you.

Clear Face Masks Help Others Understand You Better

Finally, look for masks that are commercially produced transparent masks, or you can also select from a clinical-grade mask approved by the FDA. That said, handmade masks are also a practical option for everyday use. You can even try making one yourself by watching any DIY videos on YouTube.

As we have discussed earlier, transparent face masks help improve communications for those who cannot hear as they have to rely on the talker’s facial expressions and to lip-read to understand what they have to say. These types of masks become a perfect solution for them. However, several other methods can help you communicate.

Let’s discuss!

How to Communicate Better When Wearing Masks

To help others understand you better, here is a list of ways you can use it in your everyday life and improve your communication quality.

1.   Eye Contact

One of the most effective ways to communicate is through eye contact. And when you are wearing a mask, it becomes even more critical. It would be safe to say that if you are not making eye contact with whom you are communicating, the person isn’t going to understand a single word that you have been saying.

2.   The Sound of Your Voice

When you are speaking and wearing a mask, your voice will become harder to hear. It puts a thick layer of fabric over your voice, making it difficult for you to speak. So when you are wearing a mask, you should focus on speaking words as slowly and clearly as possible rather than using your normal voice.

You can also use little pauses that give the listener the time to process the words you have been saying to them. Moreover, pausing helps to clear fluff out of your speech, while it helps punctuate your words as you speak them.

Clear Face Masks Others Understand You Better

3.   Use of Gesture

To add more value to your speech, gestures will help you convey every emotion and the meaning behind your eye contact even when you are wearing a mask. Not only do they visually help the audience to understand you better, but gestures also help you better prove your point.

Clear speech is something that you may have to practice all your life. However, with the hindrance of face masks, it has become even more difficult. But there is a solution for you, and it is known as a clear face mask. It helps the person you are talking to look at your face even when you are wearing a mask. The material that these masks are made of is transparent. Further, you have a small list of techniques you can use to communicate better in your everyday life.



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Is buying furniture from a thrift store a good idea? Find out now!
Clear Face Masks: Help Others Understand You Better