A number of people are not aware that there is a right way of wearing a ring. But, surprisingly there is! Especially if you have just got engaged, wearing an engagement ring can be confusing. When it comes to the right way there are many options that you can choose from. Many people wear rings outside or on the top, whereas some follow traditions before wearing them. To remove all your confusion, in this post we have come up with some of the ways that you can choose to wear your ring in the right way. To know about it, keep reading.

When To Wear A Ring On The Left Hand?

Wearing the ring on the left hand is the most common way that plenty of people follow. Wearing engagement rings on the left hand is quite popular in the countries like the United States, Canada, India and many Asian countries. The reason for this dates all the way back to the fact from ancient times. According to the Egyptians, a vein leads from the heart to the ring finger on the left hand. It is believed that if an engagement ring is worn on the left hand, it guarantees nearness to your heart.

Are You Wearing Your Engagement Ring The Right Way

When To Wear A Ring On The Right Hand?

The area you are living in and the cultural traditions are directly associated with the way to wear an engagement ring. The people in the Northern and Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland and Denmark wear the rings on the right hand. And, in some countries, the couples switch hands after taking the vows at their wedding. For example, some couples wear their engagement ring on the right hand before getting married. And, later switch it to the ring finger on the left hand after exchanging the vows.

Wear An Engagement Ring On One Finger And A Wedding Ring On The Other

There are a number of people that do not like wearing too many rings on one hand. If you are among them, you can wear your engagement ring on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right hand. Also, sometimes the engagement ring does not match with the wedding ring. To get the matching sets you can “see more engagement rings from Argyle Jewelers” as unmatchable rings do not look good in one hand. In such a case, try this method to wear your rings.

Wearing Your Engagement Ring The Right Way

What Is The Right Way Of Wearing Rings After The Wedding?

Traditionally, couples wear engagement rings close to their heart i.e. on the left finger. However, the brides switch the rings to their right hand before making the bride entry to make space for the wedding ring. And, later they shift the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring. On the other hand, some people match the engagement rings with the wedding ones and make a bridal set. Also, some wear only during special occasions, as they can be lost during travelling.

Your ring is the symbol of commitment and love with your partner. And, the way you are choosing to wear is totally your choice. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences you can choose whatever way you like. It is not necessary to follow the official way, as it is all about your comfort.



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