Compared to previous weeks, the past week has been pretty slow and uneventful. However, that’s not to say that I’ve sat around at home doing nothing! No, I did do things, went to different places, wrote blog posts, watched movies, etc.

Here’s what happened last week:

I went to a new pizza place in my neighbourhood called Lozana. Whenever I pass by it, it’s always full! On top of that, they have commercials everywhere, so I finally took the plunge and went there. My friend and I ordered a big Balkanska pizza and shared it. You know, I thought I’ve had good pizza but this was just incredible… Honestly, I’m still thinking about it. When my bff comes to Bulgaria I’m planning to get us every single pizza and eat them at home…

You probably have heard that bees have been declared the most important living thing on Earth, right?! Well, there was this cute little bee was on my terrace and it was just standing there, doing nothing for 5 minutes. I thought it could be tired or hungry, so I gave it some sugar syrup (well, water with sugar!). After drinking a bit of it, it flew away! I recorded the whole thing over on my Instagram stories.

Speaking of Instagram, I lost 10k of my followers overnight. Also, after the latest app update, my impressions have decreased to almost zero! As of today, I have about 11k followers and get 100 likes. To be honest, if this happened a few months ago I would lose the plot. Now, however, I really don’t care. It did affect me but I try not to let it affect me. I’ve also discussed this with my psychologist and she advised me to just keep uploading pictures, no matter how many likes I’ll receive.

Thursday was an incredible day for me! I did a new record on the treadmill – 11 km!!! Past best was 10km! Truly happy with myself.

On Friday, I went to see my psychologist. You can see how it went here! I didn’t write about the Instagram issue but I had other more important things to write about.

I spent the whole Saturday with a new friend of mine. We watched the new John Wick and Men in Black movies while eating crisps, popcorn, biscuits and cake! No worries, though, we went to Bachkovo Monastery and walked 7km to the cave. So, I might be forgiven for all those snacks and sweets…

If you’re looking for some fashion items from Amazon, then I’ve picked some great ones here!

I also finished the fashion month highlights and you can finally check out the Paris Fashion Week SS20 highlights!

Over the week I also met one of the most unpleasant human beings. He was telling me that I’ve gained weight, I’m too white and apparently old enough to have children…Truly unpleasant person…

I finally finished watching the Handmaid’s Tale. Although the end was strong, I’m not really sure if I was that interested in it as I was in the previous seasons. Apparently, the author has publicized a new book, so there’s going to be Season 4 next year.

There are a lot of new songs that I’ve enjoyed listening to over the past week. Still, they might not be new for you. However, there is one new song that came out this October and you might have not heard it yet – Nice To Meet Ya by Niall Horan!

This week I’m determined to get back on track with my diet. I’ve gained a lot of weight and really start to hate myself. I know that I’m still slim but I don’t feel good. It’s not just about the weight, it’s about the food I’ve been eating. Although I say this to myself every week, I’m really going to get back on track!

How was your week?

Let me know in the comments below!

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