Another overdue weekly catch-up but at least I’m uploading one! Last week was very overwhelming. There were plenty of good things, however, there were also some bad ones. I had a very traumatic experience at the beginning of the week. Thankfully, I’m fine so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Here are the highlights of the past week:

On Tuesday I met with one of the photographers I’ve been talking to. We took a lot of shots in his studio and I’ve already seen the images. There are plenty of amazing shots and I can’t wait to show them to you. You can follow me on Instagram and check them out when I upload them.

I met with my psychologist on Thursday afternoon. The session went really well and you can check it here.

There are two new restaurants I visited this week. The first one is called Avocado and, yes, I did have some avocado! Apart from that, I was had some sushi and it was absolutely amazing. The service and atmosphere are also top-notch, so I recommend this place highly! I also visited Kamenitza where they serve their own beer and it was delicious. In terms of dining, the chicken I had was absolute perfection! I also had tiramisu with beer… It was called Beeramisu! lol

During the week I had a problem with my hosting provider because they removed one of my blog posts. Apparently, a company wanted to sue me because of it. Of course, I immediately contacted my hosting provider to give them all the details. Early this morning I received an email telling me that everything is fine and the post is back up… I swear I almost had a heart attack because of this misunderstanding…

I found an amazing new music duo! There are actually not new but are new to me. The duo is called Ofenbach – French DJs based in Paris. I love all of their songs but Be Mine is my favourite!

Apart from going to the gym, out and about and cleaning at home, I’ve been trying to relax more. Sadly, I just can’t… I’m watching more movies, listening to more music but nothing helps. Because of this, I keep struggling to fall asleep. I’ve even taken sleeping aids but they don’t work…

I ordered some Sophie Kinsella books and I want to find the time to actually read them. Perhaps I need to schedule a whole day of relaxation? Switch off my phone, internet, everything and just try to relax.

On Sunday my bff burned her hand! The pictures were absolutely devastating. She burned her right hand and had to go to A&E in the UK. They told her that it will take a month to recover and there will be scars left… She is planning a visit at the end of the month, so I will see her then.

How was your week?

Let me know in the comments below!

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