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Hello dearests! I hope you’re doing more than fine on this cold and rather miserable Sunday evening! Personally, I’m feeling just a tad under the weather today. Not sure why, not sure how to fix these blues. To make matters worse, I ate a huge amount of biscuits this afternoon! Now I not only feel miserable but also guilty and fat… And you know what? It wasn’t even my fault! It all started with my desire to have a cup of coffee at 2 pm. So, I went to the kitchen, put the kettle on, opened the cupboard to get the beans and there they were! Just standing there, with their stupidly delicious chocolate cover – the biscuits! ;( I blame the weather!

Anyway, I’ve been spamming Instagram for the past few days with my fashionable check pattern pants. So, I decided to do this post today. It was supposed to go live tomorrow as I don’t feel like spamming you every day. However, I thought it would not only cheer me up, but I also might put a smile on somebody else’s face. And you never know – I might actually help some confused souls out there with their checked trousers dilemmas!

Brunette on Demand Wearing High Waisted Cigarette Trousers With Style

The Check Pattern Dilemma

To check or not to check? I was checking my emails when my eyes stopped on a discount alert from Nasty Gal. They were offering 25% off on everything + free delivery! You probably already know where I’m going with this, don’t you?! Yes, I ended up on their website, AGAIN! I bought a lovely red biker jacket from them just a few days prior to this visit! Anyway, I was about to click the close button as I didn’t really need any new clothes when I saw the trousers section. More specifically, I noticed the checked patterns on some of the styles. I thought they looked very chic yet casual. Now, I’ve never had checked pants and I was facing the dilemma whether or not I’m ready to embrace this check pattern trend. Consequently, I decided to give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen? If I look like something that came out of a freak show I’ll just return them!

Brunette on Demand Wearing High Waisted Cigarette Trousers With Style

Brunette on Demand Wearing High Waisted Cigarette Trousers With Style

High-waist or regular? My decision was taken, so far so good! However, I was now struggling with the conundrum of what style of checked pattern trousers to go for. Baggy, ¾, culottes, cigarette, cropped, flared – they had it all! I consider myself as a risk-taker, however, I didn’t want to go full-on risky with this bandwagon. In the end, the options were narrowed to two – high-waisted cigarette trousers or regular fit. I chose the waisted fit as the checked pants had a tailored silhouette. With this sort of silhouette, I usually go for a high-waist fit as I want to highlight my midriff. If you’re an hourglass type of gal with curves, I strongly recommend emphasising and flaunting your midsection whenever you can. That way you won’t risk looking baggy unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Checked Trousers & Ruffles

Accentuating the check pattern. When I first got my hands on the pants, I thought they looked very chic! However, I was yet to see if I could pull off the check pattern. As it turned out, I think I did just that! I wanted to focus on the pattern I went for a dark-colour-combo style. As you can see – black, grey, and their monochrome varieties are prevailing in the pictures. If you’re not a fan of dark colours, I would recommend bright warm tones! Hot red or bee-toned yellow sweaters and shirts would look great with the check pattern! Actually, I think the next time I put on the pants, I’ll be matching them with a bright red sweater! What do you think?

Brunette on Demand Wearing Checked Pattern Trousers With Style

Brunette on Demand Wearing High Waisted Cigarette Trousers With Style

Focus on the details. I don’t know about, but I love details! Whether it is accessory, clothing or footwear – the details make the product! These high-waist cigarette trousers feature a set of very delicate ruffle details over the waistband. In case you’ve been living under a rock or too busy eating biscuits, ruffles have been climbing the trend mountain like Chris Sharma sets records! FYI, and mine for that matter, he’s the best rock climber in the world! Anyway, if you look closely – the black sweater I’m wearing has the same ruffle-accentuated turtleneck. Small details like this can really complement the whole outfit, don’t you think? If you can‘t get your hands on a similar knitwear or top, try a long-ruffle-sleeve coat like this one from John Lewis!

Accessorise Check Pattern Pants

A fedora hat. I’ve never worn a fedora hat before! It was one of my new-life-new-me purchases and I love it! It is super chic and elegant. I wish I could have also taken my black pair of John-Lennon-type sunnies! As a matter of fact, Vlad expressed his astonishment at how Parisian I looked. Then we both wished we could be in the French capital to enjoy a croissant or two!

Brunette on Demand Wearing Check Pattern Pants With Style

Jewellery. Sadly, I decided not wear any jewellery as I wanted to focus on the checked pattern trousers. However, I would usually go for pearl-detailed earrings and a nice brooch. If you’re feeling adventurous – experiment! However, I would strongly suggest to hold back on anything gold!

Clutch. Satchels, cross-bodies, totes – whatever you fancy! Bright or dark colours – you can’t and won’t go wrong!

Do you have a pair of check pattern trousers? How do you style them?

x Mariya


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