It’s fair to say that 2018 has been a year full of must-have fashion pieces! Biker shorts, logo mania and dad sneakers were all over the wide web. Sometimes it can feel drowning to see the same fashion pieces over and over again. However, there are items that you feel you can wear on repeat without ever getting sick and tired. One brilliant example is the leather pleated skirt!

Pleated skirts have gathered a huge following in the past year and the trend seems to still be enjoying the fashion spotlight well into 2019. I’ve seen pleated skirts in many different styles, fabrics and colours, but one particular design keeps attracting my attention. Behold, the faux leather pleated skirt!

If you haven’t tried this skirt style yet, I’m going to give you exactly 3 reasons why you should get one right now!

Brunette girl wearing leather pleated skirt, white jumper and leather boots

Faux Leather Pleated Skirt (Zara, out of stock; designer version here) | Oversized Cream Sweater (similar version here) | Black Leather Over-The-Knee Boots (similar here)

#1 Pleated Skirts Are Trendy

I’ve briefly mentioned this at the beginning, however, I feel like I should lay even more emphasis on this! Pleated skirts were extremely popular in 2018. Until then, this particular style had been off the fashion radar for quite some time. It was perceived as dated and rather boring. Pleated skirts were ‘born’ in the 14th century and worn pretty much all the way through the early 20th century. Of course, it was no wonder that the fashion society wanted to switch things up and labelled the fashion piece as dated!

girl wearing a white jumper and brown leather pleated skirt


Brunette girl wearing a white oversized jumper from Zara


Close image of Zara oversized white jumper


However, as with other outdated fashion trends, the pleated skirt inevitably came back! Last year was truly the year of the pleated skirt. It was commonly worn during the summer, with fashionistas styling it with stiletto heels or colourful sandals! Although it seemed like a seasonal trend, pleated skirts carried their success even into 2019. As a result, this particular skirt style has gained the ‘must-have’ title.

This reason should be enough to get you onto the pleated skirt bandwagon.

If not, just keep reading!

#2 Leather Pleated Skirts Are Incredibly Feminine

With its cinched waist and longer length, the pleated skirt couldn’t be any more feminine, right? Well, it turns out it can be! Although there are plenty of beautiful styles and colours out there, there is something about a leather pleated skirt that screams ‘I’m a woman!’. A pink pleated midi skirt, for instance, is extremely flattering and ladylike. Last year I’ve seen them being worn all over Instagram throughout the summer. Matched with a crisp white tee and sneakers, it constitutes a perfect daily outfit!

Reasons To Get A Leather Pleated Skirt


Zara oversized white jumper


However, there is something even more flattering when you see a leather version of the skirt! Even though there are some brighter version, leather pleated skirts typically come in darker shades. Black, dark brown and grey shades are the preferred options. Note that the dark shades are seen as more sophisticated and stylish. They also give the skirt a bit of an edgy feminine look. Apart from giving you a feminine vibe, wearing a leather pleated skirt can also make you feel empowered! And who doesn’t want to feel empowered?



#3 You Can Wear A Leather Pleated Skirt With Pretty Much Anything

Another great reason to get yourself a leather pleated skirt is its versatility. Despite the fact that it delivers a more sophisticated look, you can certainly wear it with just about anything. I’ve styled mine with an off-white oversized jumper and black leather over-the-knee boots. However, you can style your leather pleated skirt differently, depending on the occasion and season!

Zara brown leather pleated skirt


Although leather is a fabric that’s most likely to be worn in the fall and generally colder weather conditions, I see no problem wearing it during the warmer months. It all depends on how you layer your whole outfit. For winter, by all means, put on your leather pleated skirt with a jumper and boots, underneath a fluffy teddy bear coat! You can also style your skirt for the office, by opting for more classic cut shirts and stiletto heels.

3 Reasons To Get A Leather Pleated Skirt


For summer, why not switch to your favourite tee and sneakers? Even though you can experiment with the colours and fabrics, the classic white cotton shirt paired with white leather trainers would be the ideal match for your leather pleated skirt. For a night, you can switch to a crop top and sandals.

There you go – 3 reasons to get a leather pleated skirt!

Do you like the pleated skirt trend?



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