Stress is the body’s reaction due to the adjustments it has to make. There are different physical, mental, and social responses that the body gives to stress, but that does not mean stress is not normal. Stress is a normal and everyday part of your day. Everyone can have different reasons for being stressed, and everyone manages stress differently. Some might go for a walk or run, others might take a long bath with scented candles, and some may even take a supplement like kava (which you can learn about over at Kava Guides) to help them manage these feelings. Yet, to many people, stress is just stress that comes and goes with time. However, this is where they are wrong. Stress can have an effect on you in different ways.

Ahead, 8 weird ways in which stress affects your body!

1. You Make Bad Food Choices

Stress comes in different ways and is accepted in different ways by individuals. It is very reasonable if you grab a pack of crisps rather than a bag of peanuts upon being stressed. When an individual is stressed, their body releases insufficient amounts of dopamine and serotonin, which can increase cravings.

Cortisol is another hormone produced under stress. It is also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol increases cravings for comfort foods such as pizza, burger, fries, cake, etc.

Following the consumption of comfort food, insulin levels go high. This, in return, causes the brain to release stored serotonin due to which we feel satisfied and happy. Still, the worst part is that the serotonin does not last long. As soon as its effect wears down, you are left wanting more. Furthermore, you feel heavy, tired, and lazy. Supplements like Morning Complete can really help here, as they can give our bodies the extra support we need to be able to function properly and carry out important processes, like digesting food, as normal, and prevent any discomfort associated with these processes.

Overall, we make bad food choices when we’re under stress, so changing our eating habits can make a big difference. We could even add a supplement like kratom into things like smoothies and tea, as long as we stick to the general dosage guidelines to make sure that we are taking it correctly in order to produce the stress relief we are hoping to achieve.

Weird Ways In Which Stress Affects Your Body

2. You Fall Into Addictive Behaviour

Being under stress is not a feeling one would like to be in for a long time. Many different people acquire a different route to deal with it. Drugs, alcohol, even cigarettes have components that help deal with stress temporarily. Thus, many people end up consuming them when they are going through something that causes them stress.

The more stressed an individual is, the higher the likelihood to get into addictive habits and relapse. When the addictive product wears off, you end up feeling awful. This leaves you wanting more because the problem is still there and the stress is doubled.

3. It Can Harm Your Nails

It has been seen in many different people that they tend to bite their nails under stress. Moreover, cortisol is also increased due to stress, which causes your nails to stop growing.

This usually happens when there is a stress-related deficiency of a hormone. Once the nails start to grow, there are chances of horizontal ridges, also known as the Beau lines, to form. These Beau lines grow over time and can be cut, but you can see how stress can affect the beauty of your nails.

4. It Can Cause Dementia And Increase Your Blood Pressure

The higher the level of stress, the greater are the chances of developing dementia later in life. Dementia is a disease that causes memory, language, and concentration decline. It also has an effect on problem-solving skills.

All of this affects the overall health and life of an individual. Also, higher stress levels can cause blood pressure to be higher, following a poor diet and lifestyle. So if you are stressed, there are greater chances of higher blood pressure and dementia. That being said, it has been shown in some studies that smoking cannabis once or twice a week can contribute to lower stress levels in the brain by making you feel more relaxed, this could lead to lower blood pressure if you are more relaxed.

Ways In Which Stress Affects Your Body

5. Stress Can Be The Cause Of Respiratory Problems

Over the years, there was a myth that due to stress, anxiety and asthma can be caused. Still, this myth has been busted, and now it has been observed that intense emotional reactions and stress cause the symptoms of asthma to get worse.

It needs to be kept in mind that chronic stress causes anxiety, which eventually leads to panic attacks, anxiety attacks, difficulty in breathing, and depression.

6. It Leads To Obesity

People that suffer from stress can have habits of stress eating, including munching on all comfort foods. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that includes high blood sugar, high blood pressure, increased belly fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

This syndrome results in poor health outcomes that can lead to a stroke or diabetes. Stress comes with different coping mechanisms for every different person, and most individuals give in to their cravings, which leads them to get obese.

7. It Can Cause Depression And Anxiety

Stress, if not dealt with, can turn into depression or anxiety. Depression and anxiety are both mental disorders that can lead the negative feelings to grow stronger with time. Eventually, they start controlling every aspect of your life. Moreover, negative emotions can turn into negative actions.

There are many symptoms of depression and anxiety, such as isolation, suicidal feelings, fatigue, and so much more. Even erectile dysfunction in men – which often requires intervention from somewhere like this ED Clinic Charlotte – can be a sign of these psychological struggles, as they can stem from underlying mental health issues. All of these symptoms can affect many various aspects of your life, such as your social life. You can go into isolation, which can be mentally and physically harmful for you.

8 Weird Ways In Which Stress Affects Your Body

8. It Can Negatively Affect The Growth Of Your Hair

Stress can negatively impact different parts of your body, amongst which your hair as well. Also, stress can cause the hair to grow slowly, not grow at all, and most of all, it can contribute towards hair loss.

Since stress leads to unhealthy foods, a poor diet can also be the culprit behind hair loss, which can have a negative effect on your overall look.

To sum it all up, stress does harm different parts of the body, but that does not mean that it cannot be managed.

There are many different ways to manage stress. For instance, you can talk about what is bothering you to a doctor. Make sure to keep all loved ones close and keep sharing what bothers you. Try to keep a positive attitude and exercise to release all frustration. You can also go for a massage. If it’s school-related, make sure to get the appropriate help. Still, if it is not possible to visit a masseuse every day, you can keep a massage chair. You can read about massage chairs to discover how they release stress and leave you refreshed.


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