Giving doesn’t mean just donating. It’s about making a difference through your charity. There are plenty of ways to raise funds so that you can get more donations and will be able to help more. We have recently come across one of the most fascinating, engaging, and motivating ways of raising funds – jewellery.

Raising funds through your jewellery is a very inspiring step. Good jewellery can be sold at a good price and can raise a considerable fund for charity. You can auction your jewellery for charity fundraising or can hire a company to produce the pieces for you. Embrace everyone who is using jewellery to help charity.

Here are 8 ways with which you can raise funds with your jewellery:

1. Collaborating with Retailers

Many retailers will be obliged to help you in the sale of your jewellery. Just ask them to place your pieces in their shop to get exposed to many visitors on a routine basis. Just imagine how many tourists and local people will be visiting these types of shops, and if your pieces are displayed there, it will be a win-win deal for you.

Recently, you may have seen that even the government is supporting small businesses and shops to create their place in the market. Thus, there is nothing better than collaborating with local retail shops or organizations.

Ways to Raise Fund With Your Jewelry

2. Donation ‘Thank You’

This is one of the most simple and effortless methods to utilize for raising funds through jewellery. Let the people who support you have the awareness that by donating a specific amount of money, they will get a bracelet and be a part of charity fundraising. Now, this bracelet will be a pride to wear, as it will signify that a person has donated and helped someone.

3. Event Sales

There are plenty of events that take place now and then. You just need to get a space and put a table to showcase the jewellery and cause related to it. This sort of event attracts support and will help in getting the target audience. Among plenty of people who walk in these events, there will be a few who will feel proud to support the cause and wear your jewellery proudly. An additional benefit is that the event will end, but the legacy will continue.

4. Online Sales

The icing on the cake is if you already have a website that sells branded merchandise, then you can showcase the jewellery related to a cause. This is the easiest and fastest way to get the target audience and let the people know that you have cause-related jewellery. In case you do not have a website, do not worry. There are plenty of platforms where you can upload your jewellery and get an overwhelming response.

8 Ways to Raise Fund With Your Jewelry

5. Raffle Prizes

Playing a game and donating to a charity can be very interesting. It enhances people’s interest, and when they see their donation incentive, that makes them more curious. Let this curiosity help you in raising maximum funds for the charity you support. Make sure that the jewellery you have selected as a price for the game should be alluring. Not only will they spread the word regarding the raffle, but they will show off their donation incentive. So, sell tickets for your raffle and ask your supporters to give comparatively more funds to get beautiful jewellery pieces.

6. Crowdfunding Campaign

Raising funds online through crowdfunding is one of the most famous and influential ways. This method is an affordable and unique way to collect donations, especially when you link it with a thank-you item. The people who invest in your campaign can offer bracelets and other jewellery items at a certain level. Supposedly, you ask to donate $50, then tempt them to donate $65 and add a jewellery item as a thank you gift. It has been noticed that when people have attractive incentives in return for donations, they usually donate more.

7. Levels of Giving

This method is just like crowdfunding, but it ultimately works on its own. Build three levels of giving so that your donor has an option to choose from. With corresponding jewellery, incentivize every level. The product value increases with the increase in tiers. The donor feels valuable no matter what donation he/she ends up giving, as every level of support is differentiated. As the giving level is set in a manner that will benefit you, hence no matter what happens but you end up meeting your goal.

Charity Ways to Raise Fund With Your Jewellery

8. Mystery Boxes

An easy and fun way to raise funds is mystery boxes. Through social media or even at an event, pack your jewellery in enticing boxes and give them for donating a set value. These days people are more active on social media than they wish to visit any event. Hence uploading the picture of mystery boxes and the jewellery you are going to give will attract unexpected supporters. And if they start posting the images by tagging you on social media, it will become easy for you to meet your goal.

Last Words

Someone who fundraising for a charity is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. And you can do it too by selling your jewellery or giving it as a donation gift. There are many options by which you can raise charity funds but doing it with jewellery is fascinating. There is a higher chance of meeting the goal if you are doing it through jewellery. It is very enticing when you produce it on your own and then sell it for charity but don’t worry if you don’t have that option. Many manufacturers can do it for you and be happy if they know that you are selling it for fundraising purposes. People feel great when they see that they are attached to a brand or someone who is doing something to help others.

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