Welcome to another weekly catch-up!

How was your week, what’s been happening?!

This week has been full of ups and downs. Unfortunately, I can’t let you know any more in full details what’s going on. I’ve been told by a certain someone to stop (who reads my blog), so I guess I’ll be more cryptic from now on.

So, what’s been going on with me this week?

Basically, my uncle pushed me to bring back my Facebook account because it’s good for ‘the business’. I didn’t want to, to be honest. Truthfully, I hate Facebook! However, I did what he advised me to do. I became active on the platform on Tuesday and it has been the best decision ever! A lot of people who I used to go out with got in touch, concerned where I’ve been. Also, a girl from university, who I used to live with, got in touch to let me know that she’s been reading my posts about my mental health. She offered her help and I absolutely appreciate it! Moreover, I’ve been accepting most of my friends’ requests. So far, I’ve been chatting to a lot of new people. People who actually want to check out the blog, help me and tell me their opinion, which is absolutely wonderful!

I had my second session with the psychologist on Thursday.

On Friday I met with a friend of mine that I haven’t been in touch with since I went to the UK. We went to the Rowing Canal in Plovdiv and made pictures for Insta (of course)!

Yesterday I went out for a coffee with a lovely boy that I met through Facebook. He’s been helping me with the blog by sharing it. I think we’re going to become very good friends as he’s down to earth.

I got some very concerning news from my amazing friend that I can honestly call a sister. Unfortunately, I can’t say what happened but I really hope that she’ll get better.

Even though I bought a repellent, the horrible mosquitoes keep biting me! I have like 20 itchy bites all over my legs and thighs… The worst thing is that I can’t stop scratching them!

Apart from that, I’ve been going to the gym regularly. I’ve been trying to eat properly but my regime is absolutely fucked up (sorry for the swearing!). I still can’t sleep and keep working on the blog until 2 am, sometimes 3 am.

Speaking of the blog, my organic traffic is still in a bad place. I’ve contacted the Google Search Console support forum but they didn’t tell me anything useful. At least, one of my new ‘friends’ on Facebook says he knows a lot of people, so hopefully, we’ll sort it out.

I’ve signed the petition against Trump’s new regulations which weaken the ESA (Endangered Species Act). In short, ‘Essentially, Trump has done what he always does: ignore climate science and prioritize the needs of huge, corrupt corporations over the needs of the people and the environment. Please sign the petition to show your opposition. The rules will continue to be challenged in court and we need your support!’. I urge you to sign it if you can.

The third season of 13 Reasons Why is out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even finish the first episode. The TV series has lost what it had… Sadly, I can’t recommend it.

I started reading Bulgarian literature again. I’ve been re-reading Under the Yoke by Ivan Vazov.

Finally, I ate melon! I love melons and the ones here are so delicious and juicy. I still have half a melon in the fridge! 😊

I guess this pretty much sums up my week.

Of course, there are other things that are happening but I can’t really say more than this.

I hope you enjoy these little weekly catch-ups!



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