Sugar is the most misunderstood product in the food industry. On one hand, its popularity reaches heights among dessert lovers, there only it is portrayed in a negative light by fitness enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, there are drawbacks to sugar intake in excess amounts but one cannot ignore its importance for the human body.

Keeping these points in mind here some myths and facts are presented to help you understand more about sugar and sugar products.

Myth: All types of Sugar are bad for you

Fact: Natural Sugar is healthy to a great extent

Sugar is present in both artificial and natural forms. By artificial, it means that some natural products like sugarcane or palm sap are processed to make a natural sweetener. However, the ones present in fruits or other food products like milk are in the natural form, so are considered healthier. Now, by saying healthy it doesn’t mean you keep on eating innumerable mangoes in a day. This can be dangerous for your health. That is why it is important to do the following things:

  • Make a list of fruits that you eat
  • Check sugar content in it
  • Concern a doctor if you have diabetes
  • Avoid eating fruits like mango, watermelon, etc. at night

Sugar its consumption myths facts Natural Sugar is healthy to a great extent

Myth: Honey is better than white sugar

Fact: Both honey and white sugar have their own pros and cons

White sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, or any other such product is also processed. Honey offers natural sugar in your diet. Interestingly, all these also break in a monosaccharide. It is a simple form of sugar. If you have been advised by someone that honey or jaggery is healthier than white sugar then it is factually incorrect. In fact, these have low nutrients.

Myth: Give up sugar entirely

Fact: Sugar has its own importance

It is really hard to avoid sugar and that is why you end up gaining calories. This doesn’t mean you need to remove sugar completely from your diet. You can balance it by reducing the intake.

Here are some of the best ways to reduce sugar consumption:

Avoid sweet beverages. The best way to cut sugar from your food is to drink less sugar-filled beverages like soft drinks, lemonades, etc.

Drink More Water. To remain healthy you must consume a lot of water. This could be boring for many of you. In that case, you may squeeze a lemon in a glass full of sparkling water.

Sugar its consumption myths facts Eat fewer desserts

Eat fewer desserts. Desserts are the best part of your dining. However, from the health point of view, it is the worst. You must try to eat fewer sweet dishes as much as possible.  Instead, you can opt for fresh fruits and use juices of these fruits to make your food sweet.

Eat less sauce. Whether it is a pizza or a burger, most of you have a tendency to eat a lot of sauce with it. You must steer clear of by saying ‘No’ to it. You can use more seasonings instead.

Healthy living is a non-optional thing for a happy life. Therefore, never take your food habit for granted. When you eat in a healthy manner, then your mind and body remain fit to thrive in this world.


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