Let’s face it – SUMMER IS OVER! There is no point in denying it. Although the average temperature here in the UK is still touching 20-21 degrees on most days, you can feel the autumn breeze. So, what other options does one have except to put all those slogan ‘boy bye’, ‘la vie est belle’ T-shirts further away in the wardrobe until next summer? Well, none right?!  Wrong, I’m giving that idea a thumbs down. ‘It’s a no from me’ as dear Mr Simon Cowell would say. Who’s watching X Factor?

Transitioning your summer wardrobe seamlessly into fall is tricky, especially when it’s too cold to go outside in a T-shirt but too hot to put on your grandma sweater. Good news is that this calls for the much-needed crucial excuse to go online and do a bit of shopping. Here are 3 must-have transitional pieces that will carry you right through fall.

The Mini & Midi Dresses

Who said that the floral print dress you have in the wardrobe should be worn solely during summer?! Instead of putting it away for your next summer walk in the park, style it for your autumn one. Put a pair of ankle boots on, a trusty old denim jacket and you’ll be ready to conquer the world… or the sidewalk next to the riverway. Not into floral prints? Worry not, the options of getting the dress of your dreams are endless. From spots to twists and weird geometrical shapes, you’ll be sure to find the right one in no time. If the autumn chilly nights are getting the better of you and your summer dress, then switch to a slightly warmer version of the beloved feminine attire. Choose a dress with a high neck feature and long sleeves that will keep the goosebumps away. Below are just a few trendy dresses that you can include into your transitional wardrobe today.

The Biker Jacket

Fed up with wearing denim jackets? Why don’t you switch to its fellow badass biker jacket? Thankfully, long gone are the days when black was the only or, to say the least, predominant colour when faced with the choice of colour options. Nowadays, you can choose between all of the rainbow colours and more. My personal favourite is the red biker jacket in my wardrobe, just saying… A suede or leather (faux leather!) type of jacket would be the perfect match for that slogan T-shirt I mentioned earlier in the post. Even better, take a step further and combine your biker attire with your chosen mini or midi summer dress. You’ll be destined to make a bold statement on the public catwalk with these transitional pieces.

The Ankle Boots

Sorry, over and out with the flip-flops.  You’ll need something more substantial to keep your toes warm in the upcoming fall season. FYI, I’m not talking about socks with crocs, okay?! I saw this combination on my last flight coming back from Japan and it wasn’t a winning one, trust me. I don’t care if they are Balenciaga, crocs should be banned from leaving the premises of your own garden. I’m talking about ankle boots. Ankle boots are the perfect transitional piece to have in your shoedrobe. Satin, suede or leather – the decision is yours. For dry and mild weather – keep it suede or satin. For the occasional rainy days this autumn – go to the leather section. As for the colour combination, just pick your favourite from the options below.

  • What are your must-have transitional pieces for fall?
  • Have you upgraded your wardrobe or you’re not quite there yet with closing the door to summer?

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