I’m incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to shop from Amazon, even from Bulgaria! Last month I bought yet again some incredibly clothes and shoes from Amazon Fashion. I’m being completely honest by saying that all of the fashion items I got from the online retailer have been absolutely amazing!

I not only get the opportunity to get something affordable but also they are not many people wearing the same clothes compared to what other retailers have to offer. In December, I got some fashion items for myself as well as my father.

Scroll down to find out what exactly I bought from Amazon Fashion* this December!

What I Bought From Amazon Fashion In December

Amazon Fashion What I Bought In December '19

  1. These check suit trousers are from Amazon’s own brand – To be honest, I was expecting them to be slightly thicker, considering that they are supposed to be worn during the colder months. Yet, they are actually quite warm, so I’m happy with my choice. Nothing a long coat or good pair of leggings underneath couldn’t fix. I got these check trousers in size UK 8 and I would say that they fit almost perfectly. Maybe they are slightly larger but I prefer my trousers like that!
  2. I’ve never had a pair of Skechers in my life, thus I didn’t know what to expect. However, I fell in love with these white trainers from the brand. They not only look incredible but they feel like it too! They are so comfortable and luxury-looking that I can’t to wear them when the weather gets dryer. You can also get them in completely white, black and grey colours!
  3. My dad wanted another pair of jeans, so I showed him once again what Amazon had to offer. He chose these blue relaxed jeans from Cross. He is very happy with the colour and material. However, they appear to be running slightly larger, so make sure to double-check the sizing and contact the seller if necessary.
  4. I was looking for some hiking boots for the past year or so, but I just couldn’t find the right pair. Now, when I say hiking boots I don’t actually mean proper ones. I’m talking about the fashionable pairs that you can spot on the streets. These boots were just what I was looking for! When they arrived, I immediately fell in love with them! Made from genuine leather and synthetic fur, they will give you the warmest feeling during the winter months. On top of that, a lot of guys actually gave me the thumbs up, so you can imagine how stunning they are IRL!
  5. I have very mixed feelings about the linen blazer but my dad appears to like it. There are plenty of colours to choose from but we got the one in dark denim blue. I would say that it appears to be slightly on the shorter side but I’ll leave that to the gentlemen to decide! It’s made from linen material; thus it wrinkles quite easily. On the other hand, it will be perfect for warmer evenings!

Have you ever bought anything from Amazon Fashion?

*I have received a voucher from Amazon to buy the products. Reviews and opinions are genuine.



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